Speaking of Ladies…


Hi my friends,

Beantown was a BLAST.  As first signings go, I can’t think of a place lovelier to have had it than the Onyx Hotel’s Ruby Room.  I met so many wonderful and hysterical people, especially Kim, she is already supporting me on twitter, which is so appreciated.  I can’t wait to get together for our ladies brunch.

Speaking of ladies, I can’t wait for next week.  It will probably be one of my favorite events, because it’s with my girls.  You know what I’m talking about, those gaggle of girls that no matter what happens they have your back.  They support each and every idea you have no matter how crazy.  My life would be so boring without these ladies, so I will make sure their night is far from boring and fill it with the most cheeky Beaver Tales stories.  It is bound to be a night filled with laughter and plenty of wine.  I will make sure to share some of the hijinks and pictures (of course only those that are approved by ALL the girls!)

Don’t forget, Beaver Tales hits stands on May 10th.  You can of course pre-order it now, just head to my website.  www.beavertalesbook.com

Your Favorite Wax-a-nista

P.S.  What does C.C. and the People’s Paper have in common??  Make sure you check in next week to find out!

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