My Ah HA Moment…

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It’s not every day you meet the Hot, Sexy, and Very Funny Jenny McCarthy and her Whitty, Cheeky, Beautiful and Brave sidekick and cohort in crime Ms. Michele, and the man who made it happen David, her producer.

Was I nervous? Heck Ya! Excited? Absolutely! My heart was pounding out of my chest! The minute I walked into the Sirius XM reception lounge, I took a deep breath, looked around, and said to myself, this is so freakin cool!

It was time! Escorted by Jenny’s intern, the door to the studio opened. In a flash my nerves were calmed and a sense of ease came over me with the understated, yet funny, words from Jenny “Is that my waxer?”  Yes! It is C.C. Castoro!

From the second they slipped on the headphones, I knew it was going to be an experience of a lifetime! Jenny playfully asked me questions that soon became a comic of banter between us! SO MUCH FUN! Meanwhile Michele prepared for her vajayjay wax while David taped up tapestries over the windows so passersby’s wouldn’t catch a peek of Michele’s beaver during the wax.

I knew it was going to be a hilarious second segment when Jenny whipped out her “Periscope” for a live filming of Michele’s beaver wax. Michele, wrapped in her Disney towel, laid down on a bench, half hanging off, and gave me the thumbs up! There were no screams, no swearing, just lots of laughs and dirty, sexy, funny moments.

Jenny, Michele, and David thank you for a most memorable and amazing day…

Your Favorite Wax-a-nista

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