Life, Love, Laugh

These three powerful words mold us from birth through the adolescent years and into adulthood. Those of you who know me often say my energy and zest for life makes me who I am. My glass is always half full and overflowing at times with my mantra Life, Love, Laugh. Life is what you make it, Love from the heart, and Laugh until it hurts.

My mantra was never more apparent than during Episode 2 of Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE! Once again I had a blast getting cheeky with you… with one welcome exception…Sans the Jitters from Episode 1… YAY! The banter was fantastic, the posts hilarious and informative (ha, ha) and how about Amber? A big Woo Hoo and Thank You shout out to my sexy guest who was my inner cheeky voice, saying what I was thinking…and not saying…shocker right? ..because all of you know I don’t have a filter!

We started the evening with a dedication to the LIFE of my beloved three-legged lab and best friend Max who passed away after eleven years. A heartwarming thank you for posting sweet thoughts on my FB pages and a big HUG to those of you who shared in the LOVE for Max last night. There is something so special about a dog’s love; purely unconditional and never demanding. I was truly blessed to have him in my life.

The warm and fuzzes continued with my story about the chance run in with the CEO of The Elmwood Park Zoo and his wife at the Luxe Café…YUMMY! The lunch crowd was hip and fun! One by one we asked for our bill, and one by one we were told that it was taken care of, compliments of Al. Everyone… visit Elmwood Park Zoo… they operate solely on donations. It’s amazing, bring your kids…you will love the experience! Cheers to you Al…you’re a good man!

Hey you spa girls at XpresSpa Philly airport…you rock! Service Extraordinaire! Tonya and Edyta…loved hanging with you!

Ok…How about the man contingent? The boys were on fire the other night sharing their “man-scape” routine or lack thereof…and how this heat affects their world Below the Belt. I thought I knew all the cheeky words and phrases out there–until summer sac was explained to me, and by a woman no doubt! …so maybe I should add LEARN to my mantra?

Tip of the day?…don’t forget you can use Coconut Oil for everything.. I mean EVERYTHING!! 😉

A HUGE thanks to all of you who signed in Tuesday night …see you next week! We are kicking it up a notch for Episode 3, so until then…. have a great week and keep talking to me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Don’t forget Tuesdays Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE! 7pm EST on Beaver Tales Facebook Fan page and remember – nothing is ever off limits!

Your Favorite Wax-a-nista

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Tuesdays Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE!!


I’m super excited to announce I’m starting my own “show” on Facebook… EVERY Tuesday at 7pm… Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE! Just like my appearance on the Jenny McCarthy Show, nothing is off limits.

We will be chatting about waxing and spa trends, do’s and don’ts, your spa experiences and maybe a chance for you to hear some cheeky tales that didn’t make this edition of Beaver Tales: Stories from Below the Belt. There isn’t much I haven’t heard….surprise me, tell me your innermost secrets, and dirty little lies!

So next Tuesday at 7pm… grab a glass of wine.. open up Facebook.. let’s have some fun!
I will SEE you then for Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE!

Your Favorite Wax-a-nista,