Tuesdays Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE!!


I’m super excited to announce I’m starting my own “show” on Facebook… EVERY Tuesday at 7pm… Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE! Just like my appearance on the Jenny McCarthy Show, nothing is off limits.

We will be chatting about waxing and spa trends, do’s and don’ts, your spa experiences and maybe a chance for you to hear some cheeky tales that didn’t make this edition of Beaver Tales: Stories from Below the Belt. There isn’t much I haven’t heard….surprise me, tell me your innermost secrets, and dirty little lies!

So next Tuesday at 7pm… grab a glass of wine.. open up Facebook.. let’s have some fun!
I will SEE you then for Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE!

Your Favorite Wax-a-nista,

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