Perfect Timing!

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Perfect timing seems to be the motto of my beach vacation. Besides the fact that I really, really, really (you get I REALLY) needed the R&R, the beautiful house we stayed in landed in my lap unexpectedly, as did the surprises that followed. The past few weeks of my life were a tidal wave of personal challenges and unexpected emotions. All was washed away with the tide when a leather clad, silky shirted, amazingly talented Lenny Kravitz strutted his stuff across the stage to perform a private concert on the beach! Seriously ON THE BEACH!! What could possibly be better than this? My feet in the sand, a glass of vino in hand, best friends, and the love of my life, my daughter… gigging it up to Lenny’s top hits, under the stars, waves crashing and no generation gap. The highlight of the night? Seeing my seven-year-old playing air guitar and loving her first rock concert with her so cool Mom ha, ha…on the beach…a once of a lifetime moment! Thank you for an amazing evening Mr. Healey and Happy 50th!

Perfect timing again…a surprise visit from my BFF Sonjia, who shared in the banter as my special guest on Tuesdays Live with C.C. …if you want to laugh, and I mean really laugh, check out the live show video Narragansett Dayz on my Beaver Tales Facebook fan page, website or Twitter page @beavertalesbook! F.Y.I….We had a Wi-Fi snafu, so make sure you view video one and two until we link them together!

The week was filled with moments to remember….my daughter perfecting the art of boogie boarding and body surfing, our one on one chats snuggling in bed, sunsets and long walks, lacrosse on the beach, teeing off at the driving range…and jogging through the waves…life doesn’t get better than this….

However, what if perfect timing isn’t so perfect? Like deer in headlights when you are thrown off guard and you don’t know whether to laugh or cringe? I live for these moments, for the levity and comic relief, and in this case … a moment that made me chuckle while most gagged. Has this happened to you? After a lovely nap on the beach, you open your eyes squinting to adjust to the sunlight, sand and sounds, when HOLY CRAP what was that?? Yup, I got a full “smack in the face” view of a very large man sporting a sparkly blue banana hammock, who could have been a stunt double of the guy I waxed in my Beaver Tales Chapter Turf Management. I shook my head with a double take, thinking, I have been waiting for this moment all week! As a Wax-a-nista, I live for these moments. Now don’t get me wrong, I am positive this man was beyond lovely, but sweet Betty Davis… WAX that back man!! My friends laughed as I quickly jogged after this enigma of a hairy man, quickly taking photos to document the moment…timing is everything! I know waxing isn’t for everyone, and I respect that…but for those of you who know me and read my book… I am obsessed with it! I so wanted to speak with him and ask why he doesn’t wax? But I was quickly stifled as my GF told me he’s a local and loves to strut his turf every day on the beach. Good for him!


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