Bring on the BUBBLY!!!


You’ve heard it said before, and I’ll say it myself….”It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and I’m not talking about the holidays! BACK TO SCHOOL! WOO HOO!

Does it make you a bad parent to be tickled pink your little cherub is going to have to unglue him/herself from your hip? NO! They need to be educated and socialized! And while the tears may flow, and the tantrums abound…secretly, or not so secretly you are thrilled! Not because you don’t love them, but because it’s time for Mom and Mr. Mom to have their lives back!

You’ve been there, the stress, sleepless nights, strategizing, researching, staging back up plans or what I call DRP, Disaster Recovery Plan in the event your kid hates camp or vomits endlessly from the petri dish of germs at camp. Your job doesn’t end there… juggling ideas for vacations, and the dreaded… what am I going to do with the kids the end of August when there are NO Camps!

You name it…Moms do it all! In our heart of hearts, we want our kids to have the best summer of their lives so you can maintain some kind of sanity, and more importantly so they will have awesome childhood memories. In the back of our minds we fear…if I don’t put a plan in place, my life will chaotic and stressful. Result? You will be found hunkered down in a closet kicking back a bottle of wine, worn out, disheveled and ungroomed.

When these little bundle of joys finally head to the bus stop, you try not to high five, jump for joy, or twerk… but you do…because not only is your FREEDOM back, you know they will be safe and happy. For some of you the departure breaks your heart, not me…game on, hit the gym, the tennis courts, Pilates studio or play 18 holes… No more sleepless nights juggling thoughts of camps and playdates… YOU MADE IT! You earned it…because they are GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! And once you get them out of the house, whether or not you work… a little sense of yourself returns, and your identity is back.

I’ve been a parent for a while, and still love the newness that back to school brings for both my daughter and myself. I eagerly look forward to hearing how her day was, what she learned in school and how much she missed MaMa! So celebrate… give some cheer or better yet have some BUBBLY! Here’s to us, the Moms and Mr. Moms that have earned the “Freedom” that comes this time of year.

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