author-pic-2-8-16 My journey into skin care began over a decade ago. During business travels I frequented day spas across the country to release the stress and demands of my corporate career and bi-coastal air travel. These spa experiences left me intrigued, and obsessed with implementing a plan to transition into the spa industry. After years of trains, planes and automobiles, I left the corporate world to re-invent myself as a spa professional and attend Cosmetology school. This 360-degree turn couldn’t have been more opposite from my established profession.

After graduating and passing board exams, I continued my studies at an advanced skin care institute. This education combined with my previous corporate experience opened the door to managing a new spa division in a prominent salon. As business flourished, so did my career. It wasn’t long before I was enticed by an affluent and acclaimed day spa to work for them. This position allowed me to expand my services, participate in advanced training, and learn the corporate approach to skin care.

Along the way, without realizing it, I became a sought after Wax-a-nista, known for my “all about the client” approach. My client book grew twofold as they dished out their stories and checked their baggage behind closed doors. With each new client, came a story. These true tales became fodder for happy hour and dinner parties. I began to journal these funny, erotic and sometimes cheeky stories in hopes of writing a book someday. After years of working for someone else, I went off on my own and started a small spa business. It was then I decided to pursue my dream of writing a book of short stories called Beaver Tales.