“There are many women who walk through my door in search of a perfect and painless Brazilian. Older women are a little more forgiving when you miss a hair or two. Not the college girls. They look high and low to ensure there is no hair en route to or around their little man in the boat. The winking starfish must be clear to all who court it.  My client was stunning: tall and tan, chestnut hair, and deep brown eyes. She exuded provocative charm and sex appeal. Within seconds of walking through the door, her skirt hit the ground, with no signs of panties underneath or on the floor…”


“No two beavers are the same. You may think they are, but they’re not. First there is that little man in the boat, which takes on many shapes, sizes, colors and positions. It’s a mood ring. It decides when to be wet or dry or big or small. It is intriguing all on its own. Then there is the boat that keeps the little man safe. I’ll never forget the first time I met them, my client and her fascinating box…”


“I’ve written a variety of stories in this book about what goes on behind spa doors: the mysterious mushroom, cougars on the prowl, the commando collegiate, and the hunt for a happy ending. But what happened on this day could best be described as a “”twofer” – two beavers “fer” one.”