Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


No I didn’t win the lottery or hit it big at the Roulette table. Life is more than the Bling Bling, the W2 or cruz’n in the Benz. Although some of my fans would disagree with me…It’s about the people that surround you. If you really want to know the integrity of a person…break bread with their friends.

As I cruised down the AC expressway headed for Boardwalk Empire, I smiled. With Hurricane Matthew pounding the coast and my birthday lurking like a stalking date, I was truly blessed to be with some truly amazing people.

Am I lucky? Yes…but more so… I am truly blessed to have the best friends in the world who are surrounded by the best people in the world. When you put the two together…I am the most fortunate person in the world. This is wealth, not the dollar signs that run across your bank account.

The Bocce Ball Tournament brought us together, a fundraiser for an amazing cause, for an amazing woman, who lost her life at such a young age. The love in the room was boundless, some of us…best friends, others complete strangers…regardless of the size of our wallet, or lack thereof, we all left the weekend as best friends. Why?…Because great people are surrounded by great people. We broke bread, we ate pasta, we sipped wine…and we boogied all night! Here in the city where Monopoly was based on, we found ourselves “Back to the Future” sans Marty McFly and his time machine, with no perceptions, no judgements.

It was truly an awesome birthday…no pomp and circumstance, no gifts…and as they say, love is the gift that keeps on giving. Unconditional, especially if you are surrounded by the friends in my life. In AC and throughout the country, the best birthday gift of all is having friends like you. I love you…

From your BFF and Favorite Wax-a-nista

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Burn the bra!!


No, we haven’t taken a leap back in time to the 60’s! There is a recent study that suggests women should ditch the over the shoulder boulder holder permanently! SAY WHAT!?!?

Now this research was done by a man (not surprising), a 15-year-long study on the effect of bras on 330 women aged to 18 – 35. Jean-Denis Rouillon said in an interview, “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.” His study also found women who didn’t wear bras have “perkier breasts”.

Perkier he says! Let’s ask the women who have nursed multiple children and are a size D! Yeah I’m sure they would agree their jublees are perky from going braless and bare. No way! I want to meet the 330 women he used as his petri dish of an experiment and see what they have to say! While I do appreciate setting my puppies free at the end of the day and maybe free flowing over the weekend, I prefer my boobalas nestled in high and tight in my Nordstrom fitted brassiere!! That is Perky!

And what about the men? Sure they love the girls hanging free…but we can’t deprive them of our eye candy… the sexy brassiere that peeks out of your shirt, or the ensemble of lace that precedes a sexy romp in the sack. I will speak for myself and hopefully you feel the same…there is nothing sexier than beautiful lingerie.

I’m sure Mr. Rouillon is a smart man and most likely a breast man, but he apparently is not a SMART BREAST MAN! Leave the bras to us Jean-Denis…come out with a study on why men still wear tighty whities and whether men should let the boys fly or wear a cup?

October 13th is National No Bra Day! Can you imagine running or playing tennis WITHOUT a bra?!?! One words comes into my mind…. OUCH!!! I’m going to give it a whirl, go sans brassiere for the entire day. I will let you know how the girls fared!

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