Happy New Year!


WOO HOO!  You made it! The 100-yard dash…Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Now it’s about you…slide on your stilettos, glam your nails, Up Your “Do”, slip on that sexy, slinky, party dress, pull up those hanky panky’s or go commando…just get your party on…because you deserve it! IT’s NEW YEARS EVE!

Ladies… YOU were the hunter, the gatherer, SANTA, the organizer, chef, a decorator, a hostess with the “most-ess”, a Sultry, Sexy Mama in scantily clad Elf lingerie…WHY? Because Tis The Season! This is what WE DO… Halloween costumes, Trick or Treat, T-Day turkey with all the fixings, presents, wrapping, decorating, and the list goes on! Our hearts warm at the sight of our children mesmerized by the magic of Christmas, Santa, and that Naughty elf who always seems to get into mischief! We smile with pride watching our family and friends savor the gourmet food you prepared since sunrise. We are sleepless, stressed, disheveled. Just when we can’t keep our eyes open any longer, we come to life when last present is opened and adored.

Raise your glass! Tip back the BUBBLY, smack those lips with “Tito” or a frosty mug overflowing with craft beer…chose your tipsy misty…and watch that ball fall! Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, or a night of girls gone wild, or just Mom’s getting their groove on, shake it, bake it…and make it…ALL ABOUT YOU!

Cheers to all of you who made the holidays amazing!

Happy New Year!
From your favorite Wax-A-Nista,

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  1. Well said Jackie. It’s nice to have the holidays behind us – and onto bigger things in 2017. Wishing you much happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. 💕Patty

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