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It’s that time of year AGAIN!  Couch potatoes, bar mongers, season ticket holders and tailgaters gear up for FOOTBALL SEASON! As you cram in the last days of summer your guy secretly escapes to the local bar to take in pre-season competition. Then it’s FULL ON primetime NFL madness from September through January!

Studies confirm men think about SEX nineteen times a day. What about Football? While the stats remain a mystery, my football junkie friends divulge that during the NFL season their seductive and sensual daydreams take a close second to the thoughts of a prolate spheroid, or what we call a football.

What’s a woman to do when her man loves the TV and his beloved Patriots more than you? EMBRACE it Ladies!  You have three nights to contend with, Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night football. Then, when you think you’ve had enough, he heads to his buds for a Saturday afternoon of college ball!  And what about those BOWL games, season ending PLAYOFFS, and SUPERBOWL, SUPERBOWL, SUPERBOWL? It’s reality! If you can’t beat them, join them!

GET YOUR GAME ON! Pick a team, hopefully his, buy a sexy jersey or tank top, throw on some jeans and learn the rules. You will rock his world! Don’t stop there! Learn the lingo! Shout “Roughing the Passer, Personal Foul, and Clipping”! It will be magic to his ears and the only holding call will be him giving you the reach around! Then whip up some wings, nachos and taco dip for a little half time snack that will involve more than just food! There is truth to the saying, “A Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach”.

JEALOUSY Will Kill Ya! Your man is not cheating on you! Sure, he’s obsessed with the eye candy, but it’s not the perky, well endowed cheerleaders in scantily clad clothing! It’s the burly men in tight pants, running up and down a field, hitting and tackling each other to gain control of an odd shaped ball.  And why do they always smack each others butt? Take advantage of the situation, throw on some daisy dukes, his team jersey, and some sexy boots for a post-game show of your own!

Should you distract your football obsessed man? NO! WHY WOULD YOU? This will only irritate him, especially if his team is losing. As they say “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”! Have your own game plan. Check the score at half-time. If he is red faced and his ears are steaming, “Get Outta Dodge”!

Ladies, don’t revolve your world around these cavemen! His time is your time! If you’re not a fan of FOOTBALL FRENZY, go to brunch, shop till you drop, or maybe get a mani-pedi? This is your time to fly solo, me time, or hang with the girls!  Leave those kids home with your beer slugging, wing munching man! You have seventeen weeks of Sunday Fun-days! Don’t feel like you are abandoning him! He will be the first to kiss you goodbye and slam the door! Don’t take it personally… it’s just GAME DAY!


Your Favorite Wax-A-Nista,

C.C. Castoro


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Does absence make the heart grow fonder? I hope so! It’s been way too long since my last Blog!
I’ll be honest, life has been CRAY CRAY! Divorced, Single Parent, Writer, Producer, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur. All good, but there have not been enough hours in a day to juggle SINGLE Mom-hood, promote BEAVER TALES, work on my new book, and produce my weekly podcast TUESDAYS TIPS & TALES with C.C. LIVE!

SOCIAL LIFE? What is that? Trim up the Beaver, tighten up the chassis, buy new clothes, and drop some LBs, ridiculously time consuming and exhausting! All for what? Not for a guy! For me, to feel confident, alive, and beautiful!

To all the single parents out there, who said it was easy? Probably the singleton who never had kids! Whether you have one kiddie or more, going through divorce turns your world upside down. They say divorce is like a death. You need time to mourn. You’ve lost your best friend and life as you knew it. REALLY? How about the DIVORCEES who have more moves than UHAUL and shagging anyone who swipes right? I’m not just talking about the men here ladies! Mourning? I don’t think so!

Here’s the NET of it, NO ONE should define you, a man or a woman. You will hurt, you will cry, you will be angry, and you may even hit bottom. It’s hard not to place blame. Move on, embrace what years you have left and make life worth living for! Don’t self-deprecate, be the Phoenix and rise from the ashes!

LIFE IS SHORT! We hear it all the time but we rarely act on it. It’s human nature to take things for granted. When our worlds are turned upside down, we reflect on our lives in hopes of trying to be a better parent, spouse, sibling, friend or co-worker. Then after a few months of self-awareness everyone reverts back to their old routine and behavior. Stay true to yourself because we only get one shot at this thing called LIFE!

LOVE yourself, LIVE your life, and FOLLOW your passion!





An “Ah Hah” Moment

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Every once in awhile we have an “AH HAH  MOMENT”.  One that lends us to pause, close our eyes, take a deep breath, and smile.  It’s a moment that you never forget.  It grounds you, reminds you of why you do what you do, and why you work so hard. We are accustomed to being overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. Then one day, out of the blue, you bring value to someone’s life in such a positive way that you realize the daily grind is worth every minute. This review did just that for me. From the first word to the last I grinned from ear to ear, giggled from time to time, and yes, shed a tear or two. It truly warmed my heart.

Writing a book is like a “Road Trip”.  There are rest stops, many roads to follow, some with dead ends or detours but, eventually you arrive at your destination. It’s not always financially lucrative, and quite frankly, writing isn’t about the money, it’s about the journey.  Becoming an Author is about what follows; connecting with your readers, influencing their lives, and creating a world they can escape to from the doldrums of everyday life.

There are not enough words to describe how emotionally moved I am from reading this review.  I love the humor, the kudos, and most of all, how Steve was inspired by Beaver Tales to take a leap of faith, leave his comfort zone, live his dream, and begin a “Road Trip” of his own! I can’t wait to read his book!

Many thanks to my readers for the “AH HAH MOMENTS”! I hope there are more fans like Steve who are inspired by Beaver Tales!

“When I travel I take all my mags so I can go page by page. I’m not much on reading books but my client gave me this book Beaver Tales. If you have ever been waxed or done waxing as a professional and I have done both many times, you will die laughing reading this. It is the stories from a waxer about her clients.
Clients have told me for years I should write a book of all the stories about me and my clients. Well,,,, I started this weekend. Her book motivated me because I could not put it down and laughed so much.”  

Steve H.

Ah HAH Moment Facebook Post

Happy New Year!


WOO HOO!  You made it! The 100-yard dash…Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Now it’s about you…slide on your stilettos, glam your nails, Up Your “Do”, slip on that sexy, slinky, party dress, pull up those hanky panky’s or go commando…just get your party on…because you deserve it! IT’s NEW YEARS EVE!

Ladies… YOU were the hunter, the gatherer, SANTA, the organizer, chef, a decorator, a hostess with the “most-ess”, a Sultry, Sexy Mama in scantily clad Elf lingerie…WHY? Because Tis The Season! This is what WE DO… Halloween costumes, Trick or Treat, T-Day turkey with all the fixings, presents, wrapping, decorating, and the list goes on! Our hearts warm at the sight of our children mesmerized by the magic of Christmas, Santa, and that Naughty elf who always seems to get into mischief! We smile with pride watching our family and friends savor the gourmet food you prepared since sunrise. We are sleepless, stressed, disheveled. Just when we can’t keep our eyes open any longer, we come to life when last present is opened and adored.

Raise your glass! Tip back the BUBBLY, smack those lips with “Tito” or a frosty mug overflowing with craft beer…chose your tipsy misty…and watch that ball fall! Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, or a night of girls gone wild, or just Mom’s getting their groove on, shake it, bake it…and make it…ALL ABOUT YOU!

Cheers to all of you who made the holidays amazing!

Happy New Year!
From your favorite Wax-A-Nista,

That Elf On My Shelf


Black Friday isn’t just about the annual pilgrimage to hit the best sales. It’s that special time of year that kicks off the HO, HO, HO and Christmas season! Parents you know what I’m talking about. You’re sound asleep, stuffed from three servings of turkey the day before. You feel their presence, shadows hovering, followed by loud outbursts, “Is The Elf Here, Is the Elf Here?”  Heart racing and in a fog, you panic as your mind races to remember where you placed the little Elf in red. Within seconds your ears perk up, “WE FOUND HIM, WE FOUND HIM!”  The children jump for joy at the sight of their magical Elf Chippy who appears unrequested and unannounced until Christmas Eve. With a sigh of relief, you smile, and enthusiastically play along with this global sensation.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Our Elf is the master of mischief! From zip lining across the kitchen to kick’n it up at Barbie parties, he is always up to no good! Don’t let us parents fool you; we are in on this game. As soon as little Johnny is tucked in bed, the vino flows and Chippy is serving up Titos Martinis and filming Barbies in the bubble bath Jacuzzi. He’s been found in the strangest of places, doing the strangest of things. All for what? So we can hear our children’s belly laughs throughout the house!

If you are whooping it up at holiday parties and forget to move your Elf, The “candy cane” will hit the fan! With one eye open, you silently curse, and stumble out of bed to get to that Elf before the kids do! If the pitter pat of little feet beat you to the punch, good luck! Your pounding hangover head will echo with piercing screams, “Why Didn’t Chippy Move, Why Didn’t Chippy Move?” If you don’t have a logical answer, eyes well up, and lips quiver.

Do we throw Chippy under the bus? ABSOLUTELY! These simple, yet effective words, “You better not do that or “Chippy” is going to tell Santa”, works like a charm. He sits for hours observing our little ones without moving, eating a snack, or taking a potty break. Every child knows while they are snuggled in bed their Elf flies to the North Pole to inform Santa if they have been naughty or nice. Are our kids still naughty? Sometimes. But it’s not about that. It’s about creating a magical world we can escape to and forget about real life for a while.

We love our ELF Chippy, the fun, the laughter and THE CRAZINESS he brings to our home. I couldn’t imagine a Christmas season without him!

Happy Holidays!

From Your Favorite Wax-a-nista

We The People…



It’s been an emotional week for our country. There were cheers and tears in the aftermath of a controversial Presidential Election, and coincidentally today we share the same emotions as we mark the commemoration of Veterans Day.


First and foremost, I applaud all of the service men and women, our loved ones, friends, and colleagues, who are United States Military Veterans. I wish I could hug every single one of you. It’s because of you we have our freedom. It’s because of you we feel safe in our homes. It’s because of you we are the greatest country in the World!


You dedicate your lives to us… people you have never met, people you have never broken bread with, and people who may not appreciate what you sacrifice to make our lives better. Why? Because you love this country, everything it stands for, and you believe in the Constitution of the United States!


There shouldn’t be just one day to honor our Veterans. If you see a soldier, or meet a Veteran, shake their hand, give them a hug, pay for their dinner, or show an act of kindness to let them know we appreciate how unselfishly, how unconditionally, they dedicate their lives to making our world better. There aren’t enough hugs or words of thanks to tell you how much I appreciate what you do for our country.


This week will be best remembered by an Election that shocked the world. Most will welcome President Trump our Commander in Chief with hopes for change. Others will mock and protest his appointment.


The country has spoken. We can’t let the world see us divided! It is what it is; let’s move on with our lives. We are Americans; we have been through the best and worst of times. Let’s give this guy a chance, see what he can do before we judge. I would have said the same for Hillary.


Pull up your bootstraps; jump on that horse, because we are in for an interesting ride. Live your life that our Veterans and military have scarified their lives for so we can make this world a better place. We are the People, we live in the best country in the world, we have the freedom to do anything we want…Embrace it, Live it, Love it!

When you feel down or uncertain in these times…listen to the Beatles…


“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, I say… it’s all right…”


It will be all right…


We are One, We are Strong, and We are Americans!


From Your Favorite Wax-a-nista




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Can We Talk?


Can We Talk?

That dreaded question…followed by “What are you thinking?” A combination that will surely send men, and some women, into a tailspin! It’s those tricky relationship talks that can shut down our libido and a sexy night under the sheets.

Let’s set the scene… flowers and a romantic dinner, a prelude, strategically planned to lead to the grand finale… an intimate romp in the sack! Suddenly, and without warning, you’re asked, “Where’s this relationship going?” Deer in headlights! Without thinking, you blurt out, “Do we have to talk about this now?” Wrong answer!

So how do you respond? In her mind… Is he invested in this relationship? In his… I want sex! Be Switzerland, Be Neutral…“Honey, let me think about it”. If this response lends to a Heisman on doing the horizontal tango, she will surely pull some dance moves in the morning! A woman’s testosterone spikes in the a.m. hours…and you know what that means! And for you sans cuddlers, you may want to change your mind! During a round of spooning a woman becomes more amorous from a hormone called Oxytocin, once released you are in for some Hot Hanky Panky!

Why are these relationship talks so tricky? She holds the cards. One wrong move and she is aces high…you can forget about getting naked and shaking the sheets. Is it a mantrap? Sometimes, especially when she asks, “How do I look?” You won’t win that battle, always say “GREAT!”

Then the noose gets tighter with this fan favorite, “How many women have you slept with?” Regardless of the plethora of lovers you’ve made whoopee with… be honest but always offer your “papers”, recent STD test results.

The deal breaker…“I Need Space!”. Ladies when prince charming lays this bomb on you, smile and say, “Sure, take as much time as you need”.  What are you really thinking…don’t let the door hit you in the ass! If he “sees the light” and wants you back, ask yourself, is he really worth it? If he doesn’t who cares! Move On!

Here’s the best advice. Guys, if you want to get it on in the boudoir the way to get there is through her ears! “Can we talk honey?” YES! Ladies…don’t settle, you know what you want. If he won’t talk the talk…tell him to take a walk!

From your BFF and Favorite Wax-a-nista,
Beaver Tales: Stories from Below the Belt available now at,,

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


No I didn’t win the lottery or hit it big at the Roulette table. Life is more than the Bling Bling, the W2 or cruz’n in the Benz. Although some of my fans would disagree with me…It’s about the people that surround you. If you really want to know the integrity of a person…break bread with their friends.

As I cruised down the AC expressway headed for Boardwalk Empire, I smiled. With Hurricane Matthew pounding the coast and my birthday lurking like a stalking date, I was truly blessed to be with some truly amazing people.

Am I lucky? Yes…but more so… I am truly blessed to have the best friends in the world who are surrounded by the best people in the world. When you put the two together…I am the most fortunate person in the world. This is wealth, not the dollar signs that run across your bank account.

The Bocce Ball Tournament brought us together, a fundraiser for an amazing cause, for an amazing woman, who lost her life at such a young age. The love in the room was boundless, some of us…best friends, others complete strangers…regardless of the size of our wallet, or lack thereof, we all left the weekend as best friends. Why?…Because great people are surrounded by great people. We broke bread, we ate pasta, we sipped wine…and we boogied all night! Here in the city where Monopoly was based on, we found ourselves “Back to the Future” sans Marty McFly and his time machine, with no perceptions, no judgements.

It was truly an awesome birthday…no pomp and circumstance, no gifts…and as they say, love is the gift that keeps on giving. Unconditional, especially if you are surrounded by the friends in my life. In AC and throughout the country, the best birthday gift of all is having friends like you. I love you…

From your BFF and Favorite Wax-a-nista

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Burn the bra!!


No, we haven’t taken a leap back in time to the 60’s! There is a recent study that suggests women should ditch the over the shoulder boulder holder permanently! SAY WHAT!?!?

Now this research was done by a man (not surprising), a 15-year-long study on the effect of bras on 330 women aged to 18 – 35. Jean-Denis Rouillon said in an interview, “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.” His study also found women who didn’t wear bras have “perkier breasts”.

Perkier he says! Let’s ask the women who have nursed multiple children and are a size D! Yeah I’m sure they would agree their jublees are perky from going braless and bare. No way! I want to meet the 330 women he used as his petri dish of an experiment and see what they have to say! While I do appreciate setting my puppies free at the end of the day and maybe free flowing over the weekend, I prefer my boobalas nestled in high and tight in my Nordstrom fitted brassiere!! That is Perky!

And what about the men? Sure they love the girls hanging free…but we can’t deprive them of our eye candy… the sexy brassiere that peeks out of your shirt, or the ensemble of lace that precedes a sexy romp in the sack. I will speak for myself and hopefully you feel the same…there is nothing sexier than beautiful lingerie.

I’m sure Mr. Rouillon is a smart man and most likely a breast man, but he apparently is not a SMART BREAST MAN! Leave the bras to us Jean-Denis…come out with a study on why men still wear tighty whities and whether men should let the boys fly or wear a cup?

October 13th is National No Bra Day! Can you imagine running or playing tennis WITHOUT a bra?!?! One words comes into my mind…. OUCH!!! I’m going to give it a whirl, go sans brassiere for the entire day. I will let you know how the girls fared!

Don’t forget Tuesdays Tips & Tales with C.C. LIVE! 7pm EST on Beaver Tales Facebook Fan page and remember – nothing is ever off limits!
Your Favorite Wax-a-nista
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We will remember….

resized_img_20160910_110520It’s hard to believe that 15 years have gone by… I’m not focused on the US Open…I love it, I’m obsessed with tennis. I’m not focused on the buzz and beauty of Gotham City.

Last night as we strolled through Wall Street taking in the sights and sounds… simultaneously we looked up…embracing a moment we will never forget …arm in arm with my close friend from France we looked at each other… then looked up to the beaming lights to heaven…feeling the same heartfelt sadness of what has happened to our countries.

I remember that morning 9/11. I was flying to Florida at 8 a.m. for a meeting. I couldn’t believe the unreliable US Air flight arrived in Orlando 30 minutes early… all of us were surprised and applauding. The roars of cheer were quickly stifled. When I turned my phone on… there were 50 messages asking me if I was okay and if I knew… I hung up the phone and stood up in the main cabin shouting out to all the passengers to phone home….let your family and friends know you are okay.  From that minute on our lives as we know it, our country as we know it… changed the world as we know it… and our hopes and dreams have changed…

We will never forget… We will stand United… and we will show them that our lives haven’t changed. We will continue to fight this war on terror… to make this a better world for our family… our children… our friends… and generations to come. I am proud to be an American… I am proud to be in New York City on the 15-year anniversary of 911 and I am proud that we are ONE, WE ARE FREE, AND WE BELIEVE …

Your Favorite Wax-a-nista

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