Can We Talk?


Can We Talk?

That dreaded question…followed by “What are you thinking?” A combination that will surely send men, and some women, into a tailspin! It’s those tricky relationship talks that can shut down our libido and a sexy night under the sheets.

Let’s set the scene… flowers and a romantic dinner, a prelude, strategically planned to lead to the grand finale… an intimate romp in the sack! Suddenly, and without warning, you’re asked, “Where’s this relationship going?” Deer in headlights! Without thinking, you blurt out, “Do we have to talk about this now?” Wrong answer!

So how do you respond? In her mind… Is he invested in this relationship? In his… I want sex! Be Switzerland, Be Neutral…“Honey, let me think about it”. If this response lends to a Heisman on doing the horizontal tango, she will surely pull some dance moves in the morning! A woman’s testosterone spikes in the a.m. hours…and you know what that means! And for you sans cuddlers, you may want to change your mind! During a round of spooning a woman becomes more amorous from a hormone called Oxytocin, once released you are in for some Hot Hanky Panky!

Why are these relationship talks so tricky? She holds the cards. One wrong move and she is aces high…you can forget about getting naked and shaking the sheets. Is it a mantrap? Sometimes, especially when she asks, “How do I look?” You won’t win that battle, always say “GREAT!”

Then the noose gets tighter with this fan favorite, “How many women have you slept with?” Regardless of the plethora of lovers you’ve made whoopee with… be honest but always offer your “papers”, recent STD test results.

The deal breaker…“I Need Space!”. Ladies when prince charming lays this bomb on you, smile and say, “Sure, take as much time as you need”.  What are you really thinking…don’t let the door hit you in the ass! If he “sees the light” and wants you back, ask yourself, is he really worth it? If he doesn’t who cares! Move On!

Here’s the best advice. Guys, if you want to get it on in the boudoir the way to get there is through her ears! “Can we talk honey?” YES! Ladies…don’t settle, you know what you want. If he won’t talk the talk…tell him to take a walk!

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